Chapter 5 - Axel

Mila’s P.O.V.

I woke up once again, to the morbid sounds of an alarm, but this one wasn’t familiar. I peeked open an eye, as a huge hand reached over me groaning, and the alarm was gone. Suddenly memories of last night came crashing back to me, I knew exactly where I was and who’s hand that was, my pelvis harshly reminded me of last night’s bliss, but I didn’t care, Damon loved me, no he was obsessed with me I was his mate, and he was mine. I rolled over to face him, he already had his eyes wide open. “Good morning peach, how are you feeling?” his eyes narrowed with concern, he knew I was sore from his impressive size, “I’m actually fine, feeling pretty good. Never better in some ways.” He smiled at me, that big bright boyish smile that made me weak at the knees, it made me weak, and wet. I climbed on top of him , “Happy birthday baby – officially an adult wolf, have you met Axel yet?” I was so curious, I wanted so bad to meet him, my birthday was around 4 weeks away and I was so excited for our wolves to meet properly, I was dying to know what Axel was like, although I knew a little about how his mind worked around me. “I have, I had to get up a few hours ago because I could feel it coming on and I didn’t want to wake you, you looked so peaceful and perfect. Right now I really don’t have birthdays or Axel on my mind” he smirked at me, he traced his finger around my now soaking pussy that was just casually sitting on top of him. I checked the clock, a little after six, so everyone would still be asleep. Perfect. “Oh yeah, what do you have on your mind Alpha?” he growled, he loved it when I called him alpha, not in everyday life, he actually hated that, but when it was just me and him and we would play I would tease him by saying alpha, little did I know it would have a whole new meaning now. “Right now, Mila, my little minx, all I have on my mind is you, and your perfectly wet pussy. And how badly I want to mark you! Just to take this sweet spot on your neck between my teeth and tell the world that you are mine!” I melted at his words, he called me his, and he meant it, I crumbled around him and slowly slid his dick inside me, it hurt a little, but I think after last night it would have ached even a season pro! But it felt so good, and so right, like that is exactly where he belonged. “Oh goddess Damon, fill me, fill every inch of me with your dick right now”. I was never one to back down from giving orders, I enjoyed the claim I had over Damon and apparently he loved it even in the bedroom. “Oh peach, tell me what you want me to do. I want to hear you say it!” he purred in my ear, his need for me was insatiable, I don’t think either of us would ever be fully satisfied, but we held on to each other, and made passionate love all morning until we started to hear movement around us which alerted us to where we actually were.

“I want nothing more than to stay here all day, but it is your birthday, other people will want to greet you and we somehow have to casually slide into conversation with our parents that we are in fact mates…” that will be awkward, but Damon didn’t look worried in the slightest, did he know something I didn’t? Had he already mentioned his feelings about me to them? I didn’t think he would have done that. But my mother, is beyond caring. She is something else when it comes to taking care of people.

I had a quick wash, grabbed my clothes and tried to sneak out of Damon’s room, he just laughed it off and reminded me that I was always in his room in the morning, and no one would now the difference, he was right – of course. We made our way downstairs, I was tasked with the job yesterday of keeping Damon busy while our parents kitted out the house for his birthday, I guess I went above and beyond their expectations with that! “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” The entire pack house roared as we made it to the dining room for breakfast. Damon was shocked as expected, he hated surprises and we all knew it, but we just couldn’t help ourselves, it was a very special one!

“My son! Finally a man, have you met your wolf? I would very much like to meet him and how about your mate, have you any sign of her yet?” Alpha Marcus was bursting with pride and had a million questions for Damon, my mother held me tight and kissed my forehead, she looked at me oddly, and winked. She knew!! She definitely knew. I don’t think Damon has ever told her but she has an insane talent for reading people, and if she did know, as expected she certainly did not seem to care at all. Goddess I love her. “Thanks dad, and yes I have met my wolf. His name is Axel and he’s magnificent, let me eat something, I’m spent. And then we can go meet Axel, as for my mate dad, she’s insane, incredible, perfect beyond measure but we can talk about her later”. Damon shot me a look, I know he wasn’t ashamed of me in the slightest hence the adoration of that speech but he knew me too well to think I would be happy announcing that to the pack before our parents privately.

Me and Damon were inseparable, as always, his dad kept looking at us and seeing how nothing had really changed, I suspect like my mother – he already knew I was his mate, and I am guessing they had known it for a while. If Damon had any other mate, she would be with him now not I, and I would be alone in my room heartbroken at the separation. But here we were, hand in hand, two perfect mates. Once everyone was done eating, Damon scooped me up, and took me outside bridal style. “I said you’d be the first to meet Axel and I meant it baby”, with those words, his body began to tremble, his back began to elongate, fur began to grow and a growl ripped through the trees. He was magnificent. Axel was huge, a dark grey wolf with white paws, and slightly shaggy around the neck, like Damon. He walked towards me, very slowly being careful not to scare me I thought, but I wasn’t scared at all. He was beautiful, perfect even. He moved close to me and rubbed his muzzle against my face, he licked me all over until I was laughing on the floor from the tickles. He laid on top of me not using all his weight but just enough to know I was going nowhere, he laid his head on my chest and started licking my marking spot, then a slight nibble, he suddenly started growling, not to intimidate but to seduce, it worked. Although I could not hear the wolf inside me I could feel her pining for Axel, I had to take back control “no! Axel. Not yet. Not too soon” he whined and lowered his head to apologize.

We laid there for a few more minutes before other members of the pack began emerging from the house, all totally in awe of Axel, he was a cocky little sod and enjoyed all of the attention for being so fine, but as soon as a group of young she wolves approached him trying to touch him, he growled – loudly. He emitted his alpha aura and came to stand beside me, they got the message, he was not interested and they were in no way allowed to touch what wasn’t theirs. I felt a fire inside me, a pit of jealousy, it took a lot of my control not to rip their hair out for even thinking about it. But I kept my cool, as soon as Axel was back in my lap the world was put to right again.

After a long run and short hunt, Damon emerged from the woods, totally naked. The sight was pure bliss for me but I was NOT having every other pack member see what was mine, he realized and covered immediately for my sake, he wrapped me up in a bear hug and warmth radiated from him, “how did you like Axel? He is very anxious for your opinion. He has been pining to be back with you all day – frankly so have I”. Every touch from Damon now was electric, I finally understood what he had been feeling and yet felt so bad for him that he had to try and hide it from me all this time, I could send my wolf getting stronger, in fact I think she was stronger because of Axel and Damon, I think he brought her out, which is why I had so much determination with Demetri, why those hussies caused me a lot of jealousy, and why I just could not get enough of making love to Damon and Axel. “He is gorgeous, very endearing, handsome, playful, he knows he’s mine – what more could a girl want from her wolf and mate?” I giggled, I never noticed before how much Damon loved that sound, every laugh seemed to melt him inside.

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