Chapter 6 - Mates

Damon’s P.O.V.

What a day. In fact, what a crazy 24 hours – this time yesterday, I was taking Mila home, still seething that another wolf dare to touch my baby. Yet crazy turned on by her handling of the situation. I have never seen her be possessive of me, usually she is cool, calm and collected, no other women bother her around me, and she never took notice of me being obsessed with her. But yesterday was different, something in her changed, like a switch being flipped, she was protective of me, it was so hot. If I wasn’t certain that this gorgeous woman was in front of me right now, laughing, smiling and holding on to me, I would swear I made the whole thing up. But I was still careful around her, I needed her to live happy, there was no other way for me, this whole time I had been bottling up all my feelings towards her, hoping she never took notice but now, after last night and all the confessions we made to each other I can’t believe I was able to hold it in for so long. “Mila!
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