Chapter 8 - Revenge

Mila’s P.O.V.

Mr. Valkis entered our class shortly after second period and summoned me and Ebony outside to talk to him, we were straight A students, and other than that tiny incident last week we were never usually in trouble, so it was worrisome to be called out of class by the head. “Nothing to worry about girls, it has come to my understanding that you Miss. Faolan are in fact Mr. Wolfrik’s mate, as expected. And some of the other teachers have confirmed what I suspected, he is having a hard time being away from you, when you get your wolf you will be exactly the same, it is not easy for an Alpha and a Luna to be apart from each other for any length of time. I don’t wish to give you both special treatment, but I also can’t have young Damon ripping everyone’s heads off every 5 minutes, so I have made arrangements for you to switch classes, you will be in every class that Mr. Wolfrik is, and I assumed you’d rather have Ebony here with you for support – I assume that will be alright
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