Chapter 9 - Mila's Birthday

Mila’s P.O.V.

‘Today’s the day’ I thought to myself, I had been awake for what must have been hours, but I hadn’t opened my eyes yet, too afraid to disturb Damon. “Happy birthday Mila” woah. ‘Who on earth was that I thought to myself’ “My name is Tae silly.” Okay now it’s finally happened, I have finally lost my mind. “Mila you have not gone mad, today is your birthday, my name is Tae – I’m your wolf!” Oh, my goddess! ‘You’re my wolf! I’ve been waiting so long to meet you!’ I said back to her, she chuckled at me, “I know, and here I am, perfectly on time…. MATE! I can smell him! He’s there Mila!! Next to you! WAKE HIM UP! I WANT TO MEET HIM!” Suddenly Tae was like a lovesick puppy, bouncing around all over the place so eager to meet Damon and Axel, I laughed again, ‘yes that is Damon he is our mate, and his wolf Axel, they are the most perfect beings on the planet’.

It had been a few weeks since the incident with my bedroom occurred, we hadn’t seen anything else suspicious in a while,
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