Chapter 10 - Strangers and Surprises

Damon’s P.O.V.

Mila’s wolf was absolutely magnificent, she always tells me how amazing Axel is, and how much she loves us, but I never imagined in my wildest dreams that Tae would be as stunning as she is, as soon as we saw Mila shift into Tae, Axel was doing flips. He was happy beyond measure. She was all over dark grey, the perfect contrast to Axel, and her eyes, where as Axel’s are dark like sapphires, Tae’s were purple! They glistened like amethysts in the moon, she truly was a gift from the goddess if not a goddess herself.

I knew what I had to do; I’ve been planning it now for over a week. I had been back and forth trying to think of the perfect gift for her, every year I go all out, from trips to the city, a huge surprise party, tickets to her favorite concerts, new cars, all of it. But this year it needed to be special, this was the first year she was my mate, it had to be as perfect as she is. And that’s when it came to me, the perfect gift. “Chris, Brad! I’m gonna need your
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