Chapter 36 - The Christmas Miracle

Narcia’s P.O.V.

The world had stopped around us, one minute I was contemplating why on earth Chris would want to have a baby with the likes of me, and the next there was pain. Hurt. I felt the blood drain from my face, I knew who that pain belonged to… it was Mila. “NARCIA! TALIA!” Damon was screaming for us, me and Chris ran through the crowds of people who had gathered around Mila and Damon, she had buckled at the knees and fell to the floor, her glass of tonic in pieces all around us, Damon helped her stand back up and her dress, once a beautiful pure white, now looked more like my own. Blood was dripping down her legs and onto the floor, the hem of her dress dragging through the puddle that now surrounded her, Damon picked her up and carried her back to the house, “ahhh something is wrong.. Narcia! Help me. Mum please! He needs to come out now. He’s dying” She started sobbing, she was frightened and so was I. But me and Luna Talia had been planning for her labor, we didn’t expect
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