Chapter 38 - What The...?

Chris’s P.O.V.

We spent a couple of hours with Zachie, playing in the meadow, showing him the different feel of things, flowers, stones, trees, the river, he loved the outside world almost as much as Ness did. But before long his appetite was getting the better of him, so we took him home. I carried him pretty much the whole way and every now and then I caught a glimpse of Narcia smiling at us. “What are you thinking?” I asked her. “Nothing much. Just how perfect you look right now” she confessed, blushing furiously. I stuck my tongue out at her and continued on the path home.

When we arrived back, Mila was sitting in Damon’s lap and Ebony was still fully immersed into her book. The sound of Zachie’s hungry cries alerted everyone to our presence, Mila immediately shot up and ran over to us, “is everything okay? He’s crying.. did something happen?” she said worriedly. “No Mila he’s fine, just a hungry pup again!” Narica giggled. We were all settling down when Alpha Marcus made an appea
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