Chapter 40 - Rekindled

Narcia’s P.O.V.

What had I done? I’ve ruined everything. One minute I was stood enjoying all the atmosphere of elated students graduating and celebrating and the next I’ve lost control of myself, and ready to murder two young girls! I was a monster. I looked at Chris while in my delirium, the look of shock and fear on his face was too much to bare. But I couldn’t stop. Something inside me wouldn’t let these girls get away with what they had done. I was never the jealous one between me and Chris, but when I saw that thing lock lips with him something inside me changed, he pushed her away which should have been enough for me. But it just wasn’t. I needed to teach her a lesson. I wanted to tear her limb from limb, to gauge her eyes out with a spoon! But the witch inside me preferred a less physical torture, I just inflicted pain inside her instead, no real cause of it, there was nothing she could do to stop it because it was all in her mind, it was the same spell I had used on Mila once
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