“That is wonderful!” My mother exclaimed in happiness and Aiden ran to look at the car.

I looked at the man who was supposedly the driver, “Is the Alpha providing the means of escorting the people? I didn’t hear about it, that’s why I was confirming.”

The man stared at me for a second and said, “You are Miss Avery Williams, aren’t you?”

My parents looked at me and I blinked in confusion, “Yes, why do you ask?”

“This is specially reserved for you and your family. Nobody else.” He said in a solemn tone and my frown deepened. This did not make sense at all!

“My apologies, it is very kind of the Alpha. But may I know why he sent us a car when nobody else received the same?” Dad asked what I had in my head.

“I am only following my orders, Mr. William.” The man said.

“But how can we take the ride just like that?” I asked.

“You can refuse if you wish to, miss. Then I would call and let the Alpha know.”

“Eh, no, no!” Mom spoke out and waved her hands, “Pardon my daughter, she doesn’t know.” She looked down at me with a glare, “We do not refuse the Alpha, Avery. Or else there will be consequences.”

I remembered what Candice said about the dangerous Alpha. I guess we had no choice but I still wondered what was his motive behind sending the car only to my family. There had to be something.

We got in the car and the ride was silent, with the sound of text messages popping on my phone now and then.

Jannet and Candice came up with a plan and they were discussing it in the chat group. I was relieved that my friends had my side at this, but I also felt guilty about associating them with my problem. Also, the plan did not guarantee my escape from Sam but it was worth a shot.

Sam would be at the party by now and probably waiting for me. The thing was, Natalie would not be attending the party today which gave Sam easy access to mating me. I had overheard them gossip about how Nat’s parents did not want her to be mated yet.

Nonetheless, Candice said that she would help Natalie to come to the party by pretending that she hated me and wanted to join Nat’s popular clique.

Now, Nat would not agree easily but she would not leave the opportunity to attend the party. She would hundred percent try to attend the party if she was given a helping hand, which would be Candice. Meanwhile, Jannet would keep an eye on Sam and keep updating me.

My task was to stay away from Sam’s eyes and senses until Nat was at the party and to do that, I needed to enter the party from an area that was not under his radar.

Jannet’s text: The back door of the mansion.

There is an open area at the back of the building here.

Stay there until I signal you.

The car rolled in front of a huge metallic gate that had spikes pointing upwards in the sky. The gates opened and we were led through the beautiful garden of the mansion. We stepped out and mom and dad walked ahead with Aiden, but then dad stopped and turned towards me.

“Are you not coming?” he asked.

“Um, I will wait for Jannet here. She said she would be coming.” I gave a nervous smile.

“Leave her. Let us attend the party.”Mom said and they stepped inside the grand mansion.

For the first time, I was happy that they were so ignorant of me.

I looked around the garden, with the green hedges standing like the walls of a maze and there was a statue of a wolf howling with its mouth open in the sky and little fountains of water sprinkling out around it in an arch shape.

Should I sneak to the backside?

“Are you looking for something, Miss?” The driver asked, his face stoic.

“Um, yeah. I wanted to explore this beautiful mansion. Which I guess…is not allowed.” My voice trailed off in a panic. This place was reserved for the party. Why would they allow a stranger to roam around?

Jannet did not take that into consideration. Shit!

“This is where the Alpha lives. " the driver said and my eyes widened.

“He does?” I looked back at the mansion which looked like it would put a palace to shame,


“If you insist, I can give you a tour of the backside.” He said and I pursed my lips. As if reading my thoughts, he said, “I am sure the Alpha would not mind.”

I did not know if I could trust this person, but it was either this or facing Sam. I was better off trusting a stranger right now. I nodded my head and as said, the man guided me to the backside of the mansion.

There was a huge door at the back too, guarded by men, but no one came from this side. The guards did not stop us and we entered through the doors, to a beautiful hallway that was made of black marble.


I had never seen a hall with polished black walls and I wondered how the Alpha’s taste was that he constructed the hall in this way. There was no furniture, except the floor had a silver finishing and I could almost see my reflection on it. Also, some lights lit the empty corridor we were walking on, but past it, there was complete darkness.

My heart drummed in my chest. There was something very eerie about this place.

“I have some errands to run, miss. Would you like me to take you to the main ballroom?” The man beside me asked and I clutched my dress.

“Um, I think I would like to look a little bit more.” I didn’t know if he would let me stay here. Jan had not sent me any texts yet which meant it was not safe to go out there.

“I see. But I am afraid I have to cater to some…matters. Can you lead yourself out of here?”

“Absolutely! Thank you. I would be able to. After all, it’s just straight from here, right?” I said immediately.

“Yes, indeed. Then, I would take my leave. You just have to take a straight route back to the entrance and then you can ask anyone out there where the main hall is. Is that alright?”


“Very well then. I shall take my leave, miss. Have a great time.” He said with a short bow and walked away from there.

I left a breath of relief and sauntered around the place. I walked to where it was all dark and after walking a few minutes, I found some light coming from a distance. It was a huge window that displayed the full moon in the night sky.

On the full moon, the mating bond was said to be the strongest and that’s why this ball was held today, for the wolves. It was also the sign of the Goddess coming to earth to bless the wolves with their mate, as what we were taught in school. The wolves would find who their mate was on this full moon night but they had to be at least eighteen years old to sniff their mates.

At least the Moon Goddess was against underage mating.

I stared at the sky through the window when I felt a strange feeling crawl up my back. It was as if… I was being watched. I turned around but found nothing except darkness.

Wait, where did the lit corridor go? Did they turn off the lights?

I started to panic, feeling the overwhelming sense of someone staring at me in the darkness.

Fuck! I should have stayed in the lighted area! I could not see anything in the darkness and then.


“Ah!!!” I screamed and ran in whichever direction my legs took me. Was it Sam? Did he find me? I pulled out my phone and turned on the torchlight.

No signal?!

This was the reason why I did not get any text from Jan. Shit! Shit! Shit!

It was all the same corridors and for a moment, I felt like someone was behind me. The feeling made me dreadful and I ran even faster, turning the flashlight back to check if anyone was behind me. Until I crashed with something hard yet muscular in the dark and looked up to find a pair of red eyes watching me in the darkness.

What the fuck?!!!!


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