My heart drummed in my chest. I already had a crazy day, I didn’t know if I had it in me to take more. Why did the Alpha of all people pay a visit to our house?

What if he was here to punish us for how I spoke to him before I knew about him? But I did apologize!

“Av.” My mother whispered giving me the eye that said, “Greet him back.”

I looked back at Dominic and said, “Good afternoon Alpha. A pleasure to see you.”

Dominic smiled at me and cocked his head, while Aiden looked at him innocently. “Are you? That is wonderful to know.”

I frowned as I did not understand what he meant by his question. Did he somehow realize that I was uncomfortable in his presence?

“We cannot believe a day would come when the Alpha himself would grace us with his presence. After all, we are just humans.” dad said with a smile but he was also uncomfortable and doubtful of Dominic’s visit.

Humans were considered the lowest of all in the town and due to that, wolves tend to not interact with us. It was a matter o

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goodnovel comment avatar
Who has recess in high school? Or college?
goodnovel comment avatar
Meisie Mokgweetsi
I wonder what will happen if Avery will refuse to go with him, her mother will probably flip
goodnovel comment avatar
Cupcake 2u
College doesn’t have recess. It’s more of classes that are 2/3 hours long

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