I did a big mistake. That was staring at him.

His eyes devoured me, a myriad of emotions playing in them. One of them included admiration and the intensity was enough to make my legs wobble.

I licked my lower lip and focused on his wound, while his eyes stayed on me. There was silence for sometime before he spoke.

“Never thought that I would get to see you play nurse on me.” he said and even though he was not smiling, his eyes reflected pure surprise at my action. I was surprised too.

The moment I had gained consciousness, he was the only thing in my mind. I would have liked to call it basic humanity, but my concern for him felt more than that. I shook away the thoughts.

Dominic said, “I have called Sky to bring a car here.”

I nodded, “That’s good, given that your injuries need urgent attention.”

“Worried about me?” he said playfully, but his eyes expressed so much more than that.

I pressed my lips in a thin line, not wanting to answer to that. Neither could I deny nor did I wa
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thank you dear
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Kathy Aponte
See. Even we make mistakes. Not grmmers, meant grammar.
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The grmmers weren't bad at all. Easy fix and totally readable! Super loving it so far!!!

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