It was the same door. The corridor with the dark, wood-paneled walls stood in front of me, illuminated by the ceiling light, which shed a golden glow on the portraits hanging on the wall. This time, there was no fog and I took a step forward, inside.

For an odd reason, my heart started to pace. There was something very eerie about this place. With each step forward, the corridor seemed to get longer and longer. Until it stopped in front of a giant black door. The door would have been veiled under the darkness, so dark it was, without the light hitting on its smooth surface.

I went to the front of the door and before I could push it, my vision started to fade with black spots dancing in front of my eyes. The temperature around suddenly dropped and my body started to tremble.

What was happening?!

The air turned thin, and my body froze as if it was pressed under a lot of weight. Struggling to breathe, I gulped in a huge lump of air and my vision swirled back to the road in the middle of t

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Meisie Mokgweetsi
wow so interesting and romantic in a way, can't wait to read more. Lover it

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