He stood there, like a black statue, only the light from my phone illuminating parts of his chiseled facial features. His cold, dark eyes regarded me with vexation. I swallowed.

“Did your subject demand exploring sides of the mansion, which you were not told to, in the first place?” he fumed.

I responded with a sheepish smile, “Err…yes?”

His eyes narrowed into slits, and a growl erupted from the back of his throat, which caused the hairs on my body to stand straight in attention. He took a daunting step forward, closing the distance between us, and leaned down. His hand rested on the door, entrapping me under his bulky frame.

Then, I made a huge mistake—I looked straight into his eyes. Those frigid, stormy obsidian pools of danger invited me into their mesh and I was stuck like an insect in a spider’s web. “You have been a bad, bad kitten,” his voice was low, deep, and full of sin. Something coiled in my lower abdomen and my heart rate picked up. My eyes shifted to the opened buttons o

Sorry for the short update. I will try to give a longer update next.

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