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A shiver ran down my spine when I heard about the ‘better ones’. What would he do? Shaking my head, I heaved a sigh and walked to where he sat. Once I was close enough, I stopped in my steps and stared at his lap with a heated face. He always got his way, no matter what.

Dominic’s brow raised when he saw me stand like a statue in front of him and without wasting another second, he raised his arm and grabbed my hand, only to pull me closer to him. His pull made me sit on his lap and I was so mortified that I could burn into ashes right now.

His hand came to rest on the small of my back and he lightly trailed his finger on it. Tingles ran down my spine and I found it hard to sit with him. The flame on the candles flickered, cast a golden light on the right side of his face and the rest shadowed.

I breathed, “What are you doi—doing
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Haha. I'm glad you noticed the little change she's going through. About Sky, let's see what happens *wink*
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Lori Ramsdell
Hahaha! I think not only has her pillow wall disappeared but her defenses are disappearing too! P.S. love his Beta! I hope her friend Janet ends up with him! Thank you for the the update! Just loving the storyline so far!

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