Oh my God!

I pushed past the crowd and ran to where my bag was. One of the professors came forward with a fire extinguisher and told me to step back. I did as told, and it was Professor Jade, who sprayed the gas on the flames, and soon enough, the fire dimmed down, leaving my burned-out bag and the notes with it. I moved close to my bag and sat on my heels.

Pain twisted my heart as I carefully touched, whatever remained of my months of hard work. Whoever did this, made sure that all my notes burned under the fire and that there was nothing valuable left for me to study. Jannet knelt beside me and started to gather the ruins of the papers.

I pressed my lips in a grim line, to cease the tear, which was threatening to slip down my eyes. Here, I thought all my problems would be put to rest since Sam and Nat were not around anymore. How gravely was I mistaken!

“Av, don’t worry! You can use my notes. I will send you p*f files of my notes in chat attachment,” she caressed my shoulder, while I


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Lori Ramsdell
Curious why he is being so calm, yet distant? Is someone keeping an eye out for her when he’s not around? Can’t wait to read the reasons behind his being aloof. And also who torched her stuff! Thx for the update!

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