05~ Repayment condition

Damian’s smile alerted Evelyn. She shrank back and narrowed her eyes at Damian. And the kitten-like action teased Damian once again.  

"You insist that your cousin doesn't owe me any money, right? So what if I prove that he really owes it?" Damian cocked his eyebrows and asked.

He is a notorious, ruthless mafia. She is so stupid to bet with this kind of person who wins and will not admit it!  

"I'm a good girl, so I'm going to stay away from gambling." Evelyn rolled her eyes, rejecting his proposal outright.

"I think you know you are wrong, and that’s why you don’t dare to..." Damian looked at Evelyn, his eyes were full of mockery.

"I am not that kind of person!" Evelyn snorted, "I just worry you won't keep to your promise if you lose! I am a reasonable person, and I stick to logic."

"Reasonable? That works, too." 

Damian sat up straight, his hands on the table with a serious negotiation look, "So it is natural to pay off debts, right?" 

"Of course," Evelyn nodded, smiling unblinkingly, "but that's on the premise that we really owe you money."

"Makes sense." Damian bobbed his head seriously, "Then, under this premise, if your family does not pay debts, and delays time after time, what should I do?"

"You can call the police." Evelyn bit her lip.

"Miss Johnson, let me explain to you. First of all, I don’t want the police to arrest you guys. It’s too cruel for you. Secondly, I still can't get my money back by doing that. Do you think is it reasonable for me to call the police?"

Damian said leisurely, obviously having a countermeasure in advance. Evelyn did not trust his explanation and couldn't help but roll her eyes.  

‘I am not naive!’

"Well, you can require a payment politely, but you shouldn't beat people and kidnap innocent people to the club!"

Evelyn folded her arms in disbelief, forgetting that she is bargaining with the most powerful man in City A.  

"Innocent? Do you mean the kitten who beats my men, claims to be my woman and yells at me in MY office? "

Speechless at his questions, Evelyn whispered,

"Is the debt still in question?"  

Damian burst out laughing, which made Evelyn's face suddenly turn red to the tip of her ear.  

"You are a mafia, you have many fellows. We are ordinary people, and we cannot escape. If I confirm that my cousin really owes you a debt, we will definitely pay it back. But..."  

Damian was listening calmly to Evelyn arguing. Then he suddenly heard Evelyn's tone change. ‘That’s great. The cunning kitten will take the opportunity to negotiate.’ 

"But if we don't owe a debt, and your men break into other people's homes for no reason, damage other people's homes, and kidnap me here, do we also have to talk about compensation, including material compensation and moral compensation?"  

A hissing sound got Evelyn's attention, she turned and saw Titus, who was kneeling in the corner, staring at her with a horrified look. She found Titus looking at her with an unbelievable expression.

 Evelyn suddenly realized that this was not the school's debate room, not a place where she can speak freely. She was negotiating with a mafia boss now. ‘You must be crazy, Evelyn’.  She thought in her mind and then she couldn’t help but shrink her shoulders.

Her heart was beating faster and harder in her chest. 

Seeing Evelyn's fear, Damian nodded his head with satisfaction. He hadn’t met a person who dared to negotiate with him for a long time. He suddenly developed an interest to play with her.

"I agree. If it turns out that your cousin doesn't owe us any money, I can compensate you, both morally and materially. But..."

Evelyn was very annoyed to hear Damian imitate the way she speaks but she had to show a serious look on her face.  

"But what?" Evelyn asked patiently.  

"But if your cousin really owes us money, you have to pay it back with interest. However, It’s negligent for us to kidnap you, so I decided to make an exception and give your family a reasonable debt repayment condition."

Damian stood up, and Evelyn immediately took a few steps back, as if she was going to be eaten by the man in front of her if she got closer.  

"What conditions?"  

"If you do owe a debt and it has been overdue many times, then you have to pay it off, right?"

Damian walked slowly to Evelyn until she retreated to the base of the wall. The distance between the two of them was so close that she could clearly smell the faint cologne on the man's body. 

Her heart skipped a beat. The man’s pheromones frightened her.  

"Yes. . ." Evelyn murmured, trying not to breathe in his manly scent deeply. 

"I never allow anyone to owe me money. But as compensation, I can allow you to pay back in the form of household collateral. "

Damian explained slowly. Evelyn rolled her eyes and began to think about it carefully.

‘There was nothing of value in the house anyway. The old furniture had been smashed by the thugs today. The only valuable thing is that old TV, which signal is not good when it rains.’ 

Evelyn couldn't think of anything else in the house that was worth a lot. As for her parents' inheritance, in case her cousin really owes a debt, she had planned to use it to pay it off.

 After thinking about it, Evelyn felt that she would not suffer a loss, so she happily agreed.  



Damian replied. He looked very calm. But Jack, who has been following Damian for a long time, was too familiar with Damian's expression. 

As long as the boss shows this expression, no one can escape. So he couldn't help but glance sympathetically at Evelyn. ‘The poor girl is unaware that she has fallen into the wolf's trap.’  

Soon, the uncle’s family was taken to the VIP room on the second floor. The cousin was tied up and pressed to the ground.  

"You owe us 3 million dollars and are overdue for 3 months, when are you going to pay it back?"  

Hearing Jack's words, Evelyn frowned slightly. ‘How can he directly urge my cousin to pay back the money now? Isn’t it a confrontation?’ 

"Please, please give me another month. No, another week. I will definitely pay back, along with the profits."

As Mark finished speaking, Evelyn's face turned pale and anger rippled through her. ‘Does Mark really owe 3 million dollars to the mafia?’  

Evelyn's reactions were all watched by Damian. He put away the mood of laughter and lowered his voice,  

"If you don't pay your debts, do you still want to postpone them? Don't you take our mafia seriously? "

Hearing Damian's muffled voice, everyone in the room couldn't help but shrink their shoulders. Mark was so nervous that he couldn't speak. He almost pissed himself from fear.

Evelyn saw her cousin's indisputable look, her teeth itched.

But when she turned her head and saw her uncle and aunt who were also trembling, she couldn't help but turn soft. 

Even if her cousin was an asshole, her uncle and aunt had taken her back from the orphanage a year ago and let her leave the indifferent place.

‘Alright, it's not a big deal. Forget 5 million inheritance. I can work for the college. Let me help my cousin through the difficulties first.’  

"I have a way, I can use the inheritance left by my parents to pay my cousin’s debt..."  

"There's no legacy left, Evelyn."  

Whimpering, Evelyn was interrupted by her aunt before she could finish speaking. And her aunt began to cry halfway through her speech.

The words and actions of her aunt made Evelyn confused. What did she mean there is no inheritance? Hasn't her parents' inheritance always been kept with the help of her uncle and aunt for her to inherit when she becomes an adult? If such a large inheritance is gone, where did it go?  

"Auntie, what do you mean by that? My dad left a $5 million inheritance, why did we suddenly lose it? "

"Nothing happened, why do you have so many questions?"  

Evelyn's uncle answered suddenly and irritably. 

Seeing the reactions of Evelyn’s Uncle and Aunt, Damian immediately understood the situation. This kind of scene is very common, and gamblers would never give up. 

If they win, they will continue to gamble, and if they lose, they will continue to gamble further. Apparently, Evelyn's so-called inheritance was misappropriated by her uncle's family. And looking at Mark's appearance, he must have been a habitual offender. 

The mafia was able to lend him 3 million gambling debts, which indicated that his subordinates thought he could pay it back. It also means he may have owed more gambling debts before and successfully paid them off.

 Otherwise, his men would not dare to lend 3 million to a poor man. Damian gave Jack a hint.  

"Mark Johnson, in addition to the 3 million gambling debt, owed us 5 million gambling debts a year ago. But it was paid off, so we lent him another $3 million.” Jack explained.

His voice was light, but it struck Evelyn's heart hard. 

‘A year ago. Is that the day my uncle picked me up from the orphanage?’ She asked herself. 

The orphanage stipulates that children under the age of 18 are either adopted or picked up by relatives. Or they can only wait until they are 18 years old before leaving the orphanage. She was once grateful for her uncle's arrival and for rescuing her from that hell. However, now it seems that the so-called family affection was false. To inherit 5 million was their sole purpose.  


Evelyn questioned her uncle with a cry in her tone. Tears couldn't help but swirl in her eyes. 

Although her uncle and aunt's treatment of her was not too good, they were indeed her last relatives in the world since her parents died in a car accident. Why would they do this? Why couldn’t they tell her the truth directly?  

Seeing Evelyn's tears, Damian was inexplicably a little anxious. He had seen many tragedies, but the tears of the little woman in front of him suddenly touched somewhere in his heart.  

"No reason, I..."  

"Enough. You should shut up if you don’t have nice things to say in your filthy mouth."

Damian stopped Evelyn’s uncle's words. He was not sure if such a cold man would continue to say anything hurtful. It was clear that Evelyn could not bear any disgusting words.

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