08~ His home

The moment Evelyn walked up on stage, she regretted it.

All the courage she had felt back in Damian’s office had disappeared and she was now struck with the reality that she was only in her bra and pants while several leering gazes raked her body.

She felt exposed so she wrapped her arms around herself.

“Come on! What are you doing? Show us what you can do!”

“Yes baby! Don’t be shy!”

A crowd began to gather down the stage and cheered her on. After panicking for a moment, she took a deep breath and suddenly decided to give it a try.

She would make some money from Damian if she continued.

‘That’s right… it’s just dancing. I’m not doing it for free anyway.’ Evelyn convinced herself and began to dance on the stage.

The onlookers were in awe looking at the beauty dancing on the stage. They could tell from her unskilled movements that she was a novice in this area. But it made her look more alluring. She had the perfect body with the right amount of curves.

Damian suddenly

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what planet is she gonna make $3 million!

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