09~ Playful tease

The next day, Evelyn awoke to the sound of birds chirping outside. Sun rays illuminated the room through the drawn-back curtains, hitting her face.

She scrunched up her nose at the discomfort to her eyes.

Recalling where she was, Evelyn jolted up in shock when she realized she had fallen asleep at some point.

She glanced down and breathed out in relief when she found herself dressed. ‘At least he had the decency not to touch me without my permission.’

Turning to Damian’s side of the bed, she found it empty and figured he had left earlier.

Her face flushed a deep crimson when she remembered what happened last night. Damian had ordered her to strip.

She was right. He was dangerous and if she stayed here for long, she would end up losing her most precious thing to him. And she didn’t want that. Even though Damian was handsome and hot, she didn’t love him.

Evelyn made up her mind to work harder to earn money and pay him back so that she could leave this dangerous place.


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Liz Moir
You don’t mix wines lol….

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