10~ Payment with a kiss

The hours passed by fleetingly as Evelyn continued learning how to bartend.

She frowned, seeing that Damian had been sitting in the hall the whole time. Didn’t he have some crimes to commit or something? She wondered.

Anyway, she brushed those thoughts away.

Placing her cocktail on a small tray, she happily walked over to Damian’s side, feeling proud of herself. “I’m done! The first wine made by me!”

She said excitedly, grabbing a short table nearby and placing it next to Damian.

All the while, Jack was observing them silently, sitting on a different couch, a few steps away from Damian.

Looking at the wine, Damian resisted the urge to wrinkle his nose. It didn’t look good at all and he was reluctant to drink it, lest he gets poisoned.

However, seeing Evelyn’s expectant expression, he grabbed the glass and drank it in one gulp, trying not to gag. It tasted as horrible as it looked.

“The wine is difficult to drink.” he suddenly said and just as Evelyn’s smile was about to dr

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Anna Latimer
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Interesting storyline
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