48~ Lock the door

“Feed me, kitten. Before I starve to death.”

Evelyn blushed profusely at Damian's words. She looked around the hospital ward.


She asked Damian, her eyes widening in shock. But deep down, her core was throbbing in anticipation.

The idea of doing it while being scared of getting caught was thrilling. So naughty.

“Yes. Didn’t you want to do it while I was in a coma?”

“Well…” Evelyn cleared her throat. “I guess we can do it quickly.”

She reached her hand down to his crotch and ran her hand along his rock-hard shaft, massaging it.

Standing up, she took off his gown and slide his boxers down his legs. His rod sprang free once more, saluting her.

She gulped, appreciating his size. She couldn’t imagine how this big thing could fit her tiny opening but somehow it did.

Evelyn wrapped her tiny hand around it. She noticed how warm it felt in her hand. She could feel it throb as it called out to her.

She admired how the tip was shaped like a mushroom, while the stalk i

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