49~ My Queen

Jack whistled as the doctor redressed Damian’s gunshot wound on his back.

Despite being extra careful, Damian’s wound still opened during his wild sex with Evelyn. His back was covered in blood.

“Did Evelyn do this?” Jack asked with a raised brow. “Honestly, I would never imagine she could do that. She looks so innocent.”

Evelyn who was seated by Damian’s side looking worried blushed profusely. She was horrified when they finished doing the deed, she saw blood on the beddings beneath Damian.

Guilt rushed through her thinking she had caused Damian’s wounds to re-open.

“It was really careless of you to do this Sir. Ma’am, I’m sure you can wait for your man to recover for you to get intimate. If you can’t bear it, I can recommend another way to soothe your desires.” The doctor who was stitching Damian’s wound said while occasionally glancing at Evelyn.

“I… I.. We..” Evelyn gulped. She was at a loss for words. Her face flushed a rosy red. It was embarrassing for everyone to kno

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