55~ Together

Zach had been staring out the window when he saw Evelyn walk up to a tree acting suspiciously. He watched as she took something white out of her pocket and threw it under the tree.

The folds between his brows tightened as suspicion grew in his heart. What the hell was she doing? Curiosity filled him as his gaze lingered on the white thing on the ground.

Taking out his phone, he called Rogers.

“Check what Evelyn has thrown under the tree in the backyard and bring it to me, now.” He instructed the moment Rogers picked up and cut the call soon after.

Rogers came into his office a few minutes later with a folded handkerchief and placed it on Zach’s desk. Zach stared at it for hours without touching it.

He then told Rogers to call Evelyn so that he could confront her. If she was working as a spy, he wouldn’t hesitate to put a bullet in her chest. But what surprised him was Evelyn appeared to be calm despite seeing the handkerchief on his desk.

There were no signs of nervousness o

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