56~ A change in plans

The day of the drug trade had arrived. Evelyn had been antsy the whole night, waiting for Zach to leave for the operation. She didn’t sleep a wink, waiting for the break of dawn.

If everything goes well, she would be able to go back home and see Damian. So naturally, she was both excited and scared.

Zach had kept her under surveillance after the handkerchief incident, she could barely breathe or go to the toilet comfortably.

At first, she was worried he had caught on to something but he did nothing extraordinary so she figured he was just being his overly cautious self.

A knock on the door made her jerk up from the bed and look at it. Her heart began to race involuntarily. She frowned, wondering who could be knocking at that time.

Since she locked the door, she stood up and went to open it and was surprised to find Lisa at the door. What did she want this early?

“Can I help you?” Evelyn asked, looking confused.

Lisa rolled her eyes and folded her arms haughtily.

“The mas

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