67~ Heartbeat

“Nothing you say can change anything. They are gone and you killed them.” Evelyn choked as tears stung her eyes. “And I…”

A sob escaped her lips, closing her eyes. “I’m a sinner. I’ve let them down for allowing last night to happen.”

Her soul was burning with guilt. She felt like she had no right to go to her parent’s grave because she didn’t stick to her promise.

Damian who was seated by the edge of the bed softened his gaze and reached out his hand, stroking her hair. She didn’t dodge this time. Wouldn’t she be a hypocrite pretending like she didn’t want him to touch her? After all, she had let more than an innocent touch happen a few hours ago.

“Eve, I didn’t kill your parents.” Damian’s deep gentle voice came.

Evelyn thought he was just trying to make her feel better so she didn’t bother to look at him and just continued to beat herself up.

“I didn’t even know who your parents are. It was only last night when you mentioned it in your sleep that I decided to investigate

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