Chapter 5

Roman's POV

Gabriel tossed Jane over his shoulder, and Connell disappeared back into the grand hall to retrieve Gloria. I stared death at Alpha George. “When I come back here, and I will be back, I expect to see an improvement, or there will be consequences.”

“Yes, King,” the Alpha muttered.

Most werewolves hated us, but they feared and respected us at the same time. It was an unpleasant dichotomy we all had to live with. They couldn’t kill us, but Lycans could kill them with a mere thought, and very few wolves had the courage to test our patience.

I nodded at Gabriel, who spun around and marched out of the reception room with Jane who hung over his shoulder like a dead deer. Connell joined us a moment later, his hand on Gloria’s elbow, guiding her to the car. “By all means, send me a bill for the cost of the girls,” I say. “I will compensate you.”

“Yes, King.”

I turned on my heel and followed my two advisors out of the red palace and into our waiting limousine. Gabriel waited until I
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Sue Waymire
I think she’s gonna have a strong and awesome personality. Can’t wait to see it all unfold!
goodnovel comment avatar
Hmm I like this so far….thank you writer! Quite an interesting turn of events.

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