Chapter 9

Roman’s POV

I couldn’t sleep.

Jane’s image haunted me. When I touched the rune on her neck, I almost lost my damn mind. I sent her away soon after. I was too afraid of myself and my reactions to her, afraid that I’d get swept up by the bond, that I’d forget myself and do things to her.

She was too pure, too innocent, for a wolf like me. I wish I knew what the Goddess was thinking, sending me such a mate. But Jane was the one she gave me, and there would be no denying her. There wasn’t another one out there waiting for me, and I had no plans on waiting another six hundred years for my second chance.

When the grandfather clock in the hallway outside my bedroom chimed five times, I gave up on my battle with sleep and got up.

After a long shower, I returned to the living area that also served as my private office where I did my work by the window that overlooked the garden Lilly loved so much. I couldn’t actually bring myself to look at it, let alone go down there, but it was enough
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