Chapter 13

Roman carried me into his room, switching the overhead light on with his elbow as he walked through the doorway. His bedroom was massive. Our entire dorm at the palace could fit in here, and there’d be space left to spare.

Blood hammered through my veins, and my insides clenched and relaxed to the rhythm of my heart. I was nervous about what was to come but strangely excited at the same time. Wasn’t this exactly what I fantasised about last night? And so far, he hadn’t given me any reason to fear him, but Milly’s warning about his ‘strange proclivities’ kept running through my head.

Despite what I told Milly about my training, I wasn’t at all confident in my abilities. At least I knew the basics and the mechanics, but the king was hundreds of years old, and I couldn’t see how someone like me could possibly satisfy him.

The king gently lowered me to a bed the size of a small house. The mattress was luxurious and comfortable, covered in expensive linens that were softer than a cloud,
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