Chapter 14

Roman's POV

I woke up at the usual time. There was no rhyme or reason, but for as long as I could remember, I woke at four on the dot. Every morning without fail.

Usually, I’d jump out of bed straight away, but not today. I stayed under the covers with Jane, watching her sleep. I adjusted the nagging erection that bent at an awkward angle, then drew her into my arms where she belonged. Immediately, her eyes flew open, capturing mine with a strange intensity that caught me off-guard.

Half-awake, and with all her defences down, she could feel our bond, and she was powerless against its call. She gave me a sleepy smile and cuddled into me, throwing her thin arm over my chest. “Go back to sleep,” I said, my voice hoarse

I had to fight against everything inside me not to roll her over on her back and claim her. My wolf recognised his mate, and he howled with frustration, trying to force his way to the surface, but for once, I was in full control.

Her eyes fluttered shut and a moment la
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