Chapter 14: The Hunter and the Firefox

It’s hard to describe Hunter and Foxy's relationship. It’s that complicated. In the beginning, they’re drug dealers who use more than they slang. They’re also pimp and prostitute who are into voyeurism, exhibitionism, erotic asphyxiation, erotic humiliation and the cuckolding fetish. Then Hunter develops a taste for violence: kicking the door open on an unwitting client and robbing them, beating up other guys if they so much as look at Foxy the wrong way. They even turn to robbing stores and gas stations for a while. That’s when they become a sort of Bonnie and Clyde tandem, catching the media’s attention and throwing money in the slums to lose the pursuing authorities.

Then one day, the short-tempered Hunter makes the grave mistake of beating up a teen who’s actually the son of somebody in the underworld. This is how they end up on the radar of Mr. Solomon, a drug kingpin. Mr. Solomon is attracted to Foxy and becomes her regular customer. Worse, it becomes apparent that Foxy also lov
Phenomenal Pen

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