Chapter 15: Checkmate

“I-I don’t understand,” Marc stutters. “What are you doing here? Where’s Steph?”

“Sit your ass down,” Alex says coldly.

Alex’s server for the night, Julie, walks over and cheerily asks him what his friend would like to order. Alex tells her: “Oh, he’s not my friend. And he won’t be staying long.”

“I see…” Julie says uncertainly. It’s the first time tonight that Alex is making her feel even mildly uncomfortable. “How’s the sisig?”

“Like the original one in Angeles,” Alex says with a smile, and that swiftly restores the rapport between them. “No mayo or egg. No shortcuts. Like I said, those would’ve offended my soul.”

After Julie left giggling, Alex’s genial demeanor turns ice-cold.

“I’ve been onto you since day one,” Alex explains to the red-faced and dumbstruck Marc sitting across from him. “I followed you to the gym on Steph’s request, because you weren’t taking the breakup well. I know all about the death threats and the stalking.”

Alex picks up the manila envelope next to h
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