Chapter 40: The Keeper of the Death Book

“Herr Lazaro was previously Hitler. As early as 1943, Hitler had entertained the idea of Germany’s defeat and the downfall of the Third Reich. He turned his attention to occultism and iridology. He had his staff take close-up photographs of his irises using the nascent technology of near-infrared spectroscopy. His science advisers told him about the concept of a biometric identification system using irises, but the algorithm needed for such an enterprise was yet to be realized in his time.

“Herr Lazaro turned six Jewish and Slav prisoners including me into vampires. The Secret Six; that’s what we were called. One sleeper agent for each habitable continent of the world. He furnished us all with the photographs of his iris and had us scatter to the ends of the earth. I was the one assigned to Asia. Herr Lazaro wanted to ensure that he would reemerge from his hibernation without a hitch.”

“How did you know a silver necklace would inhibit a Pureborn’s memories and abilities?”

“Herr La
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