Chapter 41: The Ten Commandments

“When Prisoner 53427 arrived at camp,” Milovan narrates, “we knew right away that he was special. It was dusk and word spread like wildfire that he was a real live vampire caught supporting the partisans in the southeastern region of Banat. He wore shackles made of silver on his ankles and wrists, and a muzzle on his face – the type in psychiatric institutions, you know, with an attached collar and multiple straps that wrapped around the head.”

{You don’t need to look that far,} Ben thinks to himself. {New Pack still uses that during the Night Hunt.}

“He wore his restraints all the way through the processing in the Sauna: the cold shower, the shaving of the head and the tattooing of the arm. When he was given his prison tunic, he didn’t have the ubiquitous triangular badge like the rest of us. He was photographed and registered. Herr Doktor Schumann called out neither 'links' nor 'rechts', which meant only one thing: that Prisoner 53427 was to be tortured as a guinea pig in the Medi
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