Chapter 42: A Vampire's Heart

“That fateful night," Milovan continues his story, "we prisoners were awakened from our sleep and treated to a different musical performance than the tired marches of the camp orchestra. Although the Medical Experiments Barrack lay all the way on the other side of Die Rampe, we could hear the flute music as clearly and sharply as though it was being broadcasted straight into our skulls. It was a highly disorienting and terrifying experience. I realized we were being given a taste of what the children of Hamelin had felt all those centuries ago, when 53427 also used a flute to amplify his mesmerism.

“And yet, even as we inmates sat up and cowered on our threadbare straw mattresses, all of us knew something. The endless selection of jazz songs and Bach, Beethoven and Horst Wessel had been as oppressive as the barking of the SS dogs. But that night, the sound wafting out of Block 10 and into our skulls was subversive and liberating. It flew over the double layers of 13-foot-high electr
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