Chapter 44: Raising Cain

“What did you call me?” Ben asks, stunned.

“Qay’in,” Negi answers instead of Shiroda-shishou, lifting his bowed head. “The First Lycan.”

Ben finally realizes that Negi’s eyes are glowing a fierce white. Shiroda-shishou’s are too, but yellow instead.

“That’s the purpose and result of our travels in the Middle East,” Negi explains in fluent English and Ben’s mouth hangs open. Negi has never spoken perfect English before!

“We hunted down antiquities,” Shiroda-shishou explains as Negi places all the luggage on a table and lowers the shutter again, throwing the restaurant in pitch-blackness. None of them are bothered by it. “Both in war-torn ruins and in the black market, in museums and private collections. We came across an ancient book, written in Aramaic by a Catholic monk. It has recorded several Hebrew legends. One of them attests to Qay’in having differently colored eyes. One blue and one brown.”

Ben’s left hand slowly rises to his face and stops short of his blue eye. He opens
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