Chapter 45: Under the Full Moon

Marcus takes Ben onward, deeper into the forest and into a natural clearing where New Pack has set up an illegal camp. Jeremias Lazaro is there, in human form and standing in front of a large cabin tent. He’s wearing the red ceremonial tunic that he uses during the Night Hunt, minus the kitsune Noh mask. On either side of him are Robin and DJ, both snarling in bipedal lycan form.

Marcus, who has brought the captive to them, is in the same bipedal form. What’s more, because they were bitten by the same Pureborn, all three Batch ’19 Howlers share a distinct look: long, black fur and erect long ears high up on their heads. Because of the thick mane of black fur cascading down and swallowing the neck, the ears look almost as slim as antennas. The Howlers are panting hard too, because of the tropical heat. Little wonder because their kind has essentially been transplanted from the Swabian-Franconian Forest and the mountains of the Black Forest.

Even without the distinct telepathic voic
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