Chapter 46: War

{I… am… Qay’in!} Ben roars deafeningly inside all their heads.

Ben shape-shifts into bipedal lycan form and grows seven feet tall. In this form, he retains his opposable thumbs and continues gripping the katana. To his enemies and to Maricar, he’s fearsome, but because of his short ginger fur, it doesn’t look incongruous at all that he’s holding a sword. He looks no stranger than Anubis, who has long been depicted standing upright and holding a was-sceptre in books and on the Internet.

Both Jeremias Lazaro and Dr. Ortiz reflexively transform as well, in a flight or fight response. Jeremias Lazaro’s lycan form is like that of his spawn except that his is, well… uglier. Ben realizes, not without an undercurrent of fascination, that this is the ancient form of Grendel that terrorized the Scandinavian peninsula in the 6th century.

Dr. Ortiz’s wolf form, on the other hand, was already aptly described by Vidi last year: like Eren’s Titan form on Attack on Titan. The same creepy, mirthles
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