Subordinate (5)

This new announcement caused a stir around the world. The appearance of monsters was already a matter of distress, but now they have to deal with dungeons.

The majority of teenagers already knew this word, but no one expected to venture into it. Other age groups of people had no idea what a dungeon was.

Similarly, Tejasv and Catherine faced the same situation. Amid a monster siege event, Tejasv was conflicted about how to proceed. However, dungeons created uncertainty and spoil his plans.

Dungeons can provide them with benefits and time, but this also implies that monster siege event will be more terrible than before.

They sat together to discuss it again.


Tejasv clicks the new dungeon column added to the system window.




[Dungeons will open a wide horizon for humans.]

[For entertainment purposes, humans often create these fantasy dungeons for different digital media. These dungeons will be the same.]

[It won't be revealed what is inside the dunge
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