Subordinate (6)

At dusk: the apparent descent of the sun, a yellowish color fades into the night, and a chill spreads throughout the world.

At this time, somewhere in the back alley of City Arin, a muscular man with black hair was standing in a pool of blood and flesh. Blood was flowing like a stream on the floor.

He was about six feet tall, and his nerves bulged out from his thick, beefy muscles. A deep scar runs from his forehead to his right cheek, passing through his right eye. His eyes were red like an aggressive beast.

Five to six ruined human corpses were lying in front of him. A few steps away, another man with bruises all over his face, was begging on his knees. It was evident from his condition that someone had tortured him severely.

"Ple-please! Please spare me!

I didn't do anything; they did everything. I...I was not involved in this. "

The muscular man slowly approached him, stepping on the corpses, splashing blood with each step. He glares at the begging man, and snorts before speaking
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