Subordinate (7)

Until now, they were engaged in a fight based on their physical strength, making it difficult to determine the winner.

Both Tejasv and the stranger backed off to take a breather. They were evaluating their opponent's hidden strength and predicting their next move.

Since their physical strength was almost similar, only skills were left to determine the outcome. No one knew about the skills possessed by the other person, so they were hesitant to approach first.

The stranger smiled the entire time as Tejasv peered into him to check his condition. There was not even a wrinkle on his forehead in response to the battle against Tejasv.

He was thoroughly enjoying this whole situation.

Tejasv firmly grips his ax and lunges toward the man. He swings his ax to split the man in half. However, the man clenches his fist and counters the attack head-on.


A loud sound resonated as if two iron rods were striking each other. The collision threw them away with a backlash. This time, his fist was s
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