Subordinate (8)


That man wakes up and slowly regains his vision. His body was sore, and his head was bursting with pain.

"That Bastard!... He sure did a number on my head. "

When he tries to feel the rest of his body, he discovers himself tied with a rope. He grits his teeth and forces his way through the resistance.

He surveys the room, which somehow feels familiar to him. He could notice some minor changes here and there.

A voice suddenly came from behind, alerting him of their presence.

"So you're impatient as always. You broke the rope as soon as you woke up."

The man turned around and grinned, noticing Tejasv behind him. Suddenly, Tejasv and that man start laughing at each other.

Catherine was observing them from the hall. She was confused at their wild behavior as they laughed hysterically.

That man approaches Tejasv while laughing, and Tejasv raises his hands to greet him. Instead of greeting, the man gives a hard punch to his abdomen. Tejasv coughs and drops to his knees, holding his
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