The soft and tender light of the dawn breaks around 5 in the morning. The sun peeps out, half-hidden behind the clump of clouds.

The dew on the grass gives the impression of liquid pearls, scattered with the green hands of bounteous nature.

Walking sounds reverberate in the peaceful atmosphere of City Arin. A group of three people wearing armor, each with fierce eyes, departs for their destination.

Not even a bit of hesitation or fear could be heard in their steps or seen in their firm resolve. They were out for a battle, which may affect this group's future.

The young man in the middle resembled the leader, grabbing two axes in each hand. A beautiful woman was walking to his right, wearing a Katana on the left side of her waist.

A muscular man with an aggressive nature joins him on his left, with knuckles in each hand.

Today they were on a mission to raid a dungeon. Although many had encountered monsters before, this was the first time the world may manifest a dungeon.

They have no i
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