Skirmish (2)

Immediately after the dungeon appeared, the crazed mob clashed within.

They were killing each other as if some demon plagued their minds. For hunting, those in groups surround single individuals, like hyena packs.

Ordinary people, who previously worked in everyday jobs, faced misfortune. Anyone with even a shred of sympathy left in their heart couldn't survive this hardship.

The thugs were in ecstasy, soaking the ground in crimson blood. Humanity appeared to have vanished from the earth in this scene.

The only ones to dominate were self-centered or opportunists, either with their strength or by riding another boat.

"Today, no one can stop me. There's no cop or any righteous idealist. I'm the king here!" sneered the fatty thug as he split apart the powerless. "My brothers enjoy the feast, ha-ha-ha. "

His underlings had a sinister grin as they robbed others of their lives.

Fatty snickers as they slaughter. His schadenfreude was at its peak while watching their adversity. The blood splat
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