Skirmish (3)

Fatty was elated in his mind, thinking,

|This man doesn't know me! He is only demanding answers to my actions here. He had no idea about my past.|

Fatty hardly suppressed his broad smile. He never saw someone as ignorant and foolish as Tejasv.

He mourned and wept, "Sir! Monsters killed my parents. I had to fight for my survival. This bloodshed turned me into a monster. I'm a common man and the only breadwinner for my family. Please! I will accept any punishment, but I have to go back for my younger siblings."

He scrounged up Tejasv with his deception. Anyone present felt disgusted watching this fatty licking his ass.

Due to his depraved nature, everyone had twisted expressions on their faces when watching him. Tejasv snorted, "OK!" and gave a short, mirthless laugh.

"Since you had a hard time, I'll spare you. But don't indulge in blood lust in the future. "

Confused, his statement shattered their hopes. |Would this fatty be spared? How can someone be so naive and gullible?|

The situat
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