Dungeon (45)

Nina, in her rage, sneered and glared at Tejasv and Daemon. Her priority target was firstly Daemon. From the look in her eyes, she would certainly carve her knives on her waist into Daemon’s throat, the same way she thinks Daemon slit Rickey’s throat.

Her blood-thirsty eyes were obviously asking for the blood of her enemies. Tejasv inferred her intentions and felt the killing intent leak through her eyes. She grunted and grumbled while grinding her teeth.

Nina gnashed her teeth as she unsheathed her long knife from her waist. Just as she stepped forward in a rage, Fred yelled aloud, halting her steps. He said, "Wait, Nina! We have to take our time killing these two drained men. We may play slowly; they’re not very ferocious now that Rickey injured one of them. Tejasv, I don't know how he fights since he held himself back in Northern Square. We have to be patient."

Nina exclaimed and stammered, "Wh-what? Do you want us to wait to kill these bastards? I have to kill them now to appease
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