Dungeon (46)

After Nina’s statement, Fred chuckled and revealed his master plan to Tejasv, "You may be bewildered by my alliance with Ben and certainly how these two reached here. First part first. I never expected you both to strike me here. You perfectly planned our encounters in this place. Did you read my tracks or was it a skill? Well, it doesn't matter now and I’ll have Nina ask you everything while she tortures you."

Fred had an ominous grin on his face, gradually speaking in his haughty, proud tone. He would not hesitate to ask Tejasv and Daemon about other team members. He would try all sorts of precarious and sinister ways to fulfill his desirable outcome.

He resumed after a pause, "Now about how I met Ben? How did I ambush Sally and trick them? Everything here happened due to my skills..haha. I know, I know! Tejasv must have already brooded over such things. He's a master of plans on his own. I applaud him for that. However, how to use skills already has a great impact on things.

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