Dungeon (47)

Fred frowned his brow and resumed his conversation with Nina, "I know you’re hurt from their death, but we should stay calm right now in front of the enemies. These people are more cunning than we can expect. Let's deal with them and find out the rest of their team."

Fred chastised Tejasv and Daemon for diverting Nina's rage away from themselves and toward their adversaries. His priority was survival, whether it be through killing his enemies or shielding himself with his astute words.

Tejasv saw through his speech with his keen senses. He knew what would happen if Nina turned her anger on Tejasv and Daemon. Although she had enough rage already built up in her head, it would be different if that rage was directed toward a single person.

According to human nature, an enraged person would display outrageous strength to kill the reason for that rage. Tejasv realized that fact and knew the outcome would be dangerous if Nina snapped in her head.

Nina scowled at Fred and grunted. She replie
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