Dungeon (48)

Tejasv resumed tilting his head at Nina while grinning at Fred, "My deep condolences for your two losses, no wait! Three losses I guess. Rickey also died for you, Fred. Did you tell Nina how Rickey and Daemon fought a death battle on your behalf and should I evaluate how someone else slit his throat at the end to save his ass?"

Tejasv smiled and stared at Nina and Fred repeatedly to point out what he meant through these remarks. He couldn't reveal the facts however tiny doubts could turn the tides in his favor. If he said out loud that Fred was responsible for everything, not him, then Nina wouldn't have believed anything but lashed herself at Tejasv.

It wasn't just Fred who knew mind games; Tejasv knew these things just like the others. He introduced slight doubts in Nina's head that would gradually seep deep into her feelings, resulting in his favor and maybe even helping him to escape from this predicament.

At first, Nina couldn't understand the direction where Tejasv pointed, but
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