Dungeon (49)

Tejasv realized with a few clues around in the conversation that Nina had a thing for Rickey that wasn't challenging for someone to figure out, yet Fred couldn't notice that since he tried to control his subordinates with his schemes, and these little feelings never concerned him.

Fred used his strategy and schemes to move his team members around as he pleased, so he had no idea how they felt, or more accurately, he didn't care how their feelings crept for each other or someone else. Unfortunately, because of this reason, Fred was flustered by Nina's rage since he didn't know and his attention never shifted to that side of Nina's behavior.

Nina appeared to be enraged over the deaths of her teammates, but she had a slight bias towards Rickey and had nothing to do with anyone else. Nina didn't care whether Dale or Curtis died or was injured; her anger only belonged to the untimely death of her one-sided beloved Rickey.

Tejasv identified her ire towards this direction, and he smirked sin
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