Dungeon (50)

Tejasv and Daemon stood in a defensive stance since Nina declared herself the enemy of everyone present there. She glanced at Ben to ask whether he would be with Nina or if he liked to be with others.

She believed herself to be the one who invited Ben into the team, but her belief was destroyed when Ben raised his maul against her. The maul wasn't much bigger than an ordinary hammer, but it had a spiked edge on the other side of the flat surface.

Nina’s eyes widen watching Ben against her and siding with Fred since they both passed glances with each other. She couldn't believe that someone who never met another unfamiliar person would side with each other. However Tejasv already had an inkling of a hidden alliance between Fred and Ben, but how and where they formed that alliance, Tejasv didn't know.

Even so, the most bewildered one was Nina, since she believed Ben to be on her team. She glanced at Fred with her intimidating vibe. She glared at him but couldn't build up the courage to
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