Brawl (11)

Ben and Nina glared at each other, prepared to strike any time. They took a deep breath and exhaled heavily. They panted from some lingering exhaustion and concentrated on the fight. Ben focused on how to force Nina to accept her defeat while Nina pioneered a way to thrash Ben around.

Both have their vendetta in this fight, however, they expect a similar outcome for them, that’s their win and others' defeat. Although both wanted to destroy the enemy and ultimately kill them. Nevertheless Ben suddenly changed his strategy to force Nina into submission or retreat rather than killing her.

Ben still wanted to fulfill his previous desires however he understood this fight may turn into a predicament the longer it continues. He also knew the gravity of the skills Nina displayed against him and the situation could change if he slipped even a bit while fighting. Hence he planned to drive Nina away or let her admit defeat out of her own violation to save him trouble.

Nonetheless, his strategy we
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